All About Pets: Grooming Doesn’t Just Benefit Your Pets


Pet owners need not be convinced of the tremendous benefits that come with living their lives among their furry friends.

Even for those of us who aren’t able to have a pet of our own, assuming we love animals to begin with, being in their kingdom has measurable therapeutic effects. This explains why pets and therapy animals are often used in hospitals and care facilities to lift people’s spirits. And they boost morale.

They also lower our blood pressure, ease anxiety, alleviate loneliness, improve cardiovascular health, and encourage exercise and play, all while boosting our immunity. Apparently, they even have the ability to make us more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Animals are sensitive, intelligent, insightful, funny and entertaining. For all intents and purposes, pets are magical and it is our responsibility as owners to provide them with the proper care.

Owning a pet is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Regular grooming is one of the ways we can dramatically improve the lives of our pets. To find out more about this, I contacted Pet Connection Sidney and certified groomer Holly Worobec emphasized the importance of regular grooming, including brushing, nail trimming and dental care.

Brushing, which should be done at least twice a week, increases blood flow to the skin and promotes circulation while distributing natural oils that keep the coat healthy and shiny. It also reduces the need for frequent baths (which can be drying) and controls hair loss. Brushing helps regulate body temperature and reduces the risk of matted fur, especially for cats and dogs with thick coats, and keeps them looking and smelling great.

Dogs can get very stinky and that’s just a fact. Our dark lab has a special love for rotting seal carcasses and feels the need to delve into their putrid remains. A thorough cleaning (using a good quality dog ​​shampoo) and a brush and he’s good to go – but hang back for the zooms.

Bath time is also a great time to check your dog for ticks, scratches, and other skin issues.

Cats, on the other hand, are very good at keeping themselves clean and generally don’t need bathing unless they are particularly old or stocky, so it’s time to seek professional advice. However, most like to be brushed frequently and now is a great time to check.

Trimming dog nails is also essential, as dogs can tear or damage longer nails, which can be extremely painful and lead to injury. Now, before you roll your eyes at the thought of the dreaded nail clipping, remember that you can always drop by your local groomer for a word or two of advice on exactly where to cut the nail. Worobec says being sure you know exactly where to cut the nail helps alleviate the stressful capers of nail trimming. Of course, even the best-behaved dog isn’t too fond of the procedure, but if you start when he’s young, he becomes more comfortable and accustomed to it.

Treats also help.

Cats love to scratch and they do this to keep their nails healthy and short. If your cat scratches the furniture, consider buying a good scratching post. Our cat loves hers very much and uses it frequently and with great enthusiasm throughout the day.

We increasingly understand the importance of taking our dog’s dental health seriously. It is important to brush your teeth three times a week with a canine toothbrush and great tasting dog toothpaste. Edible dental chews help remove tartar buildup and chew toys do the same. Veterinarians recommend regular professional dental cleaning as part of your dog’s care routine.

Pet care is a responsibility of the pet owner, but it is also very rewarding.

Just being around a pet reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and when we care for it, a mutually beneficial phenomenon occurs that sees humans and their pets experience an increase in oxytocin. , known as the feel-good hormone.

Grooming also goes a long way in building a trusting, forever relationship with your furry best friend, so make it a habit, you’ll both be glad you did.

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Grooming your pets not only has a number of benefits for them, but it can also help strengthen your bond with them. (Picture Pixabay)


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