Awkward twilight moments that were filmed


When the first “Twilight” movie was released in 2008, and this pivotal moment in Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s love story was on the big screen in theaters, teens and young adults thought this scene was epic. Looking back, it’s a little cringe-worthy, but we still love it anyway. In the scene, Edward dramatically reveals his vampire abilities to Bella as he steps into the light, and she watches his body glisten in the sun (via YouTube). However, Bella doesn’t react like any ordinary human would. Instead, she ogles him, tells him his body “is like diamonds,” and continually expresses how beautiful he is. We don’t know about you, but we think we might have a little different reaction if something like this were to happen with our high school crush.

Naturally, Edward doesn’t like this reaction because he keeps telling Bella that he’s a killer and she should stay away from him. After telling him he’s “designed to kill” multiple times, Bella replies, “I don’t care.” Personally, we’d probably start running away as soon as he started throwing massive tree branches all over the place and jumping across giant hills, but Bella doesn’t seem to be in tune with any of that. Even when Edward reveals he felt like killing her as soon as he saw her, she responds, “I trust you,” as if she hadn’t met him two minutes ago.


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