Best Netflix Mobile Games 2022


If you’ve heard that Netflix makes games, you might expect half a dozen titles based on some of the streaming giant’s most popular shows, like Stranger Things or The Queen’s Gambit. That’s certainly true – games based on Stranger Things are currently included in a Netflix subscription, with more Netflix IP-based games on the way – but there are also non-Netflix gems worth checking out. be played through your Netflix subscription.

We’ve spent the past few weeks piloting mechs, solving mysteries, exploring dungeons, and shooting hoops to figure out which Netflix games are most worth playing! Here are the best Netflix mobile games.

In the breach

We can’t say enough good things about Into The Breach. This tactical sci-fi rogue-lite established itself as a chilling classic and one of the best – not to mention one of the best – strategy games of all time when it released in 2018. Now, the Advanced Edition, which launched with the mobile port of Into The Breach, adds even more for gamers.

This game can get a bit tricky, but it does a fantastic job of easing players into its intensive tactics loop by stripping away the excess that often comes with other tactics and strategy games. Into the Breach is a must-play game if you’re looking for an engrossing turn-based experience with addictive gameplay segments perfect for bus rides, long lines at the grocery store, or a few laps before bed.


Here is another exemplary rogue-lite. Blending dungeon-crawling mechanics with store management and RPG systems, Moonlighter puts you in the shoes of a trader working in the moonlight (ha!) as a dungeon-crawling caver. By day you’ll run a shop and by night you’ll be raiding dungeons for all manner of goodies to collect and sell in your daytime shop or craft new weapons, armor, and other gear. Player, be careful, it’s easy to get lost, especially at the end of the game.


Don’t let Poinpy’s friendly and colorful style fool you; once you pick it up, it’s nearly impossible to let go. From the makers of Downwell, this adorable arcade-style score attack game combines rewarding gameplay with an engrossing loop to deliver an awesome new mobile game of all time. Collect fruit to feed the large, round, blue cat-like creature chasing you, or pay the consequences and get burned.

Heads up!

Very few board games nail the affordability and fun factor of Heads Up! Turning the tables on charades opens up new opportunities for laughs, whether you’re having game night or out with friends. And thanks to its digital form factor, it’s a lot less work than playing a version with cards. To sweeten the deal, Heads Up! now has a few map packs based on original Netflix shows and content.

before your eyes

Short but sweet, Before Your Eyes is a first-person narrative game that will only take you about an hour and a half to complete. Don’t let its length fool you, though; it’s a harrowing adventure well worth the install. Giving away much more about this inescapable story would be doing it a disservice. The twist? You control this game with your actual blinks, so you’ll definitely want to play it in a well-lit room.

Stranger Things 1984

If you’re feeling the hype after the final season of Stranger Things, travel back in time to 1984 with the original Stranger Things mobile game. It’s not just a halfheartedly licensed game to capitalize on the release of a new season of Stranger Things, but a decently sized puzzle game with great chiptune music and retro-style pixel graphics. And if you’ve ever watched 1984, Season 3 of Stranger Things also features fun puzzle-solving action set in the world of Netflix’s hit sci-fi thriller.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

Don’t let the League of Legends subtitle fool you; Hextech Mayhem is not really a MOBA. It’s a rhythm-based platformer that takes certain characters from the popular esports and pits them against each other. In Hextech Mayhem, you play as Ziigs, an energetic arsonist bent on destroying an inventor’s inventions. It’s easy to get lost in the pace and feel of this game as you methodically explore Heimerdinger’s inventions.

Relic Hunters: Rebels

Relic Hunters: Rebels brings good old action RPG style fun to mobile. Collect resources and craft weapons to improve your skills. If you’re looking for a more traditional RPG experience that mixes looting, shooting, and a linear story, here’s a game you can really sink your teeth into.

wonderful forever

Golf games manage to be among the most fascinating and rewarding sports games. From What is Golf? at Golf Story, it’s a near-blank canvas that allows developers to go wild with immensely creative ideas. Wonderputt Forever doesn’t go quite to the same extreme as What the Golf?, but it offers mini golf with some seriously fun twists. Whether you’re just in for a hole or two or looking to play a full round, you’re in for a treat.

Before playing…

Netflix’s stable of games attracts a wide range of gamers, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re starting something more action-intensive, like Moonlighter, you might want to get one of the best controllers for Android games.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from this list as it covers a relatively wide range of great games, but Poinpy is a fantastic starting point for just about anyone interested. However, if you’re looking for something more hardcore, you might want to check out Moonlighter or Into the Breach. Or, if you’re looking for an inventive and relaxed narrative experience, try Before Your Eyes.

If you already have a Netflix subscription but are having trouble accessing your games, check out this simple tutorial on how to play Netflix games.


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