Best Practices for Giving Yourself Shiny Nails Throughout the Summer Heat


All women want strong, healthy nails. Unfortunately, your nails are prone to chipping and drying out when the temperature rises. The good news is that you can still make your nails strong, healthy and shiny this summer with the right habits. To give you a better view, here are some of the best practices for shiny nails throughout the summer.

1. Hydrate your hands

Like your hair and skin, your nails also need external moisture. Unfortunately, your nails cannot produce oil, which can help retain moisture. For this reason, experts recommend applying hand cream after washing your hands. Apart from this, it is also recommended to moisturize your nails from inside by drinking plenty of water. To be precise, drinking about two liters of water a day is ideal for good hydration.

2. Wear protective gloves

One of the best practices for having shiny nails throughout the summer is to wear protective or rubber gloves, especially when doing household chores. Remember that chemicals in cleaning products can damage your nails and skin. Rubber gloves can protect your fingernails and hands from these harsh chemicals.

3. Use a base coat and a top coat

A simple practice for healthy nails is to apply a base coat and a top coat. Keep in mind that nail polish contains chemicals that can damage or discolor your nails. One preventative measure you can take to make sure the nail polish stays on longer is to apply a base coat. On top of that, you can also apply a top coat after the nail polish has dried to seal it all in. Another important tip is to buy nail care products from reputable brands, as some inferior nail polishes may contain harmful chemicals.

4. Trim your nails regularly

Among the various practices for shiny nails throughout the summer, one of the most crucial tips is to cut your nails regularly. By following this tip, you can avoid breakage and damage. Additionally, you can prevent infection by cutting your fingernails as this prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria. Finally, you can maintain the shape of your nails by trimming and filing them every few weeks.

5. Be natural

If you like painting your nails or wearing acrylic nails, experts recommend going natural for a few weeks. As mentioned, nail polish contains chemicals that can weaken and break your nails. For this reason, you can keep them strong and healthy by ditching these products. Instead, you can clean your nails, trim them, and apply nourishing oil to keep them looking neat and shiny this summer.


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