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Danielle Armstrong (who recently changed her name to Danielle Edney after her August wedding to Tom Edney) is on honeymoon in a bathing suit! the old TOWIE The star flaunts her figure in a black swimsuit via one of her latest Instagram stories shot in Dubai. How does the new bride stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Danielle Armstrong stays fit and the photos that prove they work — and to get yourself beach ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Danielle is so passionate about fitness that she has made it her profession. She shares her workouts and diet secrets on an Iinstagram page devoted to health. “I like to work out 2-3 times a week to stay in top condition and tone up those areas like my arms, legs and butt 🍑 plus I love what a good workout does for your state of mind,” she said in a Instagram post. “I like to do cardio for 20 minutes, which will be the treadmill, and then 45 minutes of strength and resistance training,” she added. women fitness on his training.

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Danielle uses her own before and after to stay motivated. “The picture on the right I took at the gym last week. I’ve lost 42 lbs of body fat and I feel healthier than ever. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and it’s been so easy,” she said. wrote in a post. Another way she motivates herself is by participating in challenges and sharing them on social media. “Following a simple nutrition plan. I got results sticking to the plan and not exercising, but now that the gyms are open again, I loved getting back to training to tone my legs. and my butt,” she remarked.

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Danielle maintains a healthy diet. “I love making a salad for lunch, a lot of people think salads are boring for lunch, but that’s because they don’t put any love into it. I’m going to make chicken and avocado with lettuce and cucumber and I’ll add pomegranate with it and like to try adding different seeds to make my own healthy dressing I also have tuna and seafood salads. evening I love fish, so lots of salmon fillets and sea bass with vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes. I also like to make chicken and sautéed shrimp,” she said. women fitness.

Danielle likes to exercise first thing in the morning. Early morning workout,” she captioned the snap. “I had forgotten how good it feels when you actually workout.”

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Sporadic diet and exercise changes won’t get you in top shape long term, according to Danielle. “This is not a diet and definitely not a quick fix. I lost my baby weight healthy and over a good period of time,” she wrote in a post. “It’s a lifestyle change and if you think now is the time for you, send me a #DM and I’ll be more than happy to discuss the exact plan I followed.”


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