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While studying abroad has many benefits, one cannot ignore the financial cost it can impose on a student and their family. Here is a list of platforms that can help fund student tuition.

Studying abroad is an extremely popular concept. This steady increase in the number of students wishing to go abroad has been constant over the past few years due to various factors such as job prospects, global awareness, travel and opening up of opportunities. Although the pandemic has severely affected the economic well-being of several families; there is a steady increase in the number of students looking for financial solutions to enjoy their dream education abroad. Here are some platforms that can help you fund education abroad for Indian students.

finance prodigy

It is a leading cross-border lender for international postgraduate students who lend based on their future earning potential rather than their current situation and requires no co-signer or collateral for the loan. Prodigy Finance offers student loans without the need for collateral, co-signer or guarantor in more than 750 schools around the world, in the fields of business, engineering, law, public policy and health sciences. The entire loan application process takes place online, with the student signing their final loan agreement once they arrive on campus. Interest is calculated as simple interest and consists of a fixed margin, determined by Prodigy Finance. They are not a bank, but their loans are funded annually by a community of investors who receive both financial and social return.


This platform helps students across India identify and choose the best-suited careers and higher education options, with personalized engines that guide students through every step of the process. Their AI system is driven by data analysis techniques providing unique and personalized experiences to the student. Subsequently, along with other services, the platform also provides students with value-added services such as education loans to help them get a dream education.

The leap of finance

Thousands of students fly abroad every year to pursue higher education and the biggest problem they face while abroad is the unavailability of financial services such as loans and credit cards because they have no credit history in this country, even though they have loans and credit cards, they have to pay twice the interest of local citizens.

Leap finance is headquartered in San Francisco and provides loans to students by valuing their data in India even at very nominal interest.


WeMakeScholars is an organization supported by the Department of IT, Government of India. Their main motive is to provide loan support to students who wish to study abroad. This is a completely free online initiative. They negotiate with the banks on behalf of the students and also ask the bank for the best return on investment as they are directly associated with the head offices of banks and financial institutions. They provide comprehensive customer support to students whenever they need it. Thousands of students apply for international scholarships and loans through WeMakeScholars and get the best education according to their profiles.


Gyandhan offers many kinds of services to students who are planning to study abroad. These services not only include finance and consultancy, but also provide services such as scholarship, travel, visa consultancy, currency exchange, matrix SIM card and accommodation. They have many partners across the country like Axis Bank, Avanse, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, etc. They have their 3 step loan process which made it very easy for students to get a loan without any hassle which includes – online approval, lender approval, loan disbursement.


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