Every Fall 2022 Nail Trend Comes To Life In One Swipe By J. Lo’s Nail Artist


I could write about famous nail artist Tom Bachik every day. Bachik takes the keratin that grows on everyone’s fingers and turns it into art. He was behind Selena Gomez’s gender-redefining Barbiecore manicure, Jennifer Lopez’s all-white honeymoon nails, and J. Lo’s rose-gold French tips If Gomez or Lopez are having an unusually good day, there’s plenty strong chance Bachik is responsible — but he’s not just working his magic on A-list celebrities. On Thursday, August 26, Bachik debuted a manicure on an unnamed person (with gorgeous hands) that literally combines every fall nail trend. TikTok nail expert Michelle Khan has predicted she’s going to blow up this year. I didn’t think such a thing was possible, but Bachik succeeded. He combined chrome nails, almond shaped nails, subtle nail gems and contrasting finishes in one manicure that didn’t look busy or cluttered.

Bachik’s extravagant on-trend fall nail manicure features contrasting chrome French tips with a soft milky base color on relatively short almond-shaped nails. As a finishing touch, the mani is studded with Swarovski crystals in an asymmetrical pattern. I’m not surprised that Bachik’s work is subtle. After all, her nail art tends to lean towards finesse, not excess — remember Gomez’s dreamy Easter nails? – but I’m still amazed that he managed to squeeze all the major fall nail trends into just 10 nails.

Because he’s a benevolent nail god, Bachik shared a step-by-step video tutorial of this manicure so even mere mortals can watch his works and dream. It starts by cleaning the cuticles of the extremely lucky person who gets the manicure using Pushy & Nail Stainless Steel Nail Cleaner from the Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set. The 2022 version of the set just dropped and although it’s $59, peeking at my ragged cuticles as I write this made me think the set is probably worth the money. investment.

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After shaping and trimming the cuticles, Bachik applied KISS Salon Acrylic Natural Nails using a gel base coat. It’s not clear from the video how long the nail art took for this manicure since Bachik decorated the nails before applying them, but he told Elite Daily which products he used to create the alternating chrome French tips. Like the secret ingredient of the donut nail polish trend, these fall nail trends owe their chrome effect to a powder. In this case, Bachik used two shades of chrome powder from Daily Charme. The silver French tips were created using the holographic silver unicorn powder and the more vampiric dark green tips were animated using the Chameleon Color Shifting chrome powder in Artemis Green. The beautiful gemstones are genuine Swarovski crystals in round and diamond shapes.

Finally, Bachick applied a little cuticle oil for skin care and shine, and just like that, every fall nail trend was combined into one manicure. In terms of celebrity nail art, it ticks all the fall nail trend boxes while still looking wearable, which I guess is the sign of a truly masterful nail artist.


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