How Australian women have reprioritized their lives, self-care and values ​​after the pandemic


In a recent Marie Claire for Dove ‘Care Factor Survey’ 2022, we took the temperature of Australian women to see how they feel about themselves and their self-care.

The results are, well, interesting.

When asked how confident women were about their appearance, just 13% of women surveyed said they felt “very confident”, with just over half citing that they only felt ‘slightly confident’ and 35% said they were ‘not at all’. , or “not very confident”.

And, worryingly, many women reported that it had been “weeks, months or years” since the last time they felt confident in their appearance.

“It was three years ago, when I had a healthy lifestyle, that I felt confident for the last time,” admits Clare, 40. “I walked a lot, and my skin and hair were in great shape.”

For Jane, 38, it’s more about taking care of yourself in the midst of the daily grind. “The last time I felt confident was last week when I got dressed and made up to go to brunch with my girlfriends,” she reveals. “It’s so hard to get out of bed with kids and time constraints keep me from looking confident and awesome.”

The care factor

According to the Black Dog Institute, self-care is usually the first thing that is sacrificed during busy and stressful times.

“People often think that taking time for yourself seems indulgent. But taking care of your own well-being will help you get through…difficult times and help you take better care of others,” according to the organization.

Interestingly, the pandemic had both positive and negative effects on the self-care and beauty routines of respondents to the Care Factor Survey.

Some women’s routines have become simpler due to the closure of salons, with an increase in hair coloring, manicures, skincare and waxing. Other women’s self-care routines are completely gone.

But on the bright side, another cohort have used self-imposed “extra time” lockdowns and isolation, increasing their self-care rituals and at-home beauty routines.

Natalie Basingthwaite spoke to Australian women to find out what self-care practices they do and how it affects their confidence.

Natalie Basingthwaite spoke to Australian women to find out what self-care practices they practice and how it affects their confidence.

What the women said:

“I take more time to rest and make sure my skincare routine is natural, soothing and hydrating.”

“I’ve simplified my routines, switching to natural, inexpensive, and sustainable products that work.”

“Being a mom, being able to style my hair nicely after taking a relaxing shower or finishing my skincare routine is pretty much the best care I can take in my busy schedule.”

“I invested more time in my skin and my hair. My hair was shocking during the pandemic, so I tried to undo the damage and moisturize my face and body more. I have found that as I get older, my hair thins and breaks more, and my skin becomes dehydrated.

“I take better care of my skin. During the pandemic and working from home, I had more time to take care of my skin and saw great results, so I kept doing it. I’m also more consistent in applying my skincare products.

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Small things that can have a positive impact on a woman's self-confidence

The Benefits of Self-Care

So what is self-care and how can it help you?

According to the Black Dog Institute, “self-care refers to the activities and practices that we deliberately choose to engage in on a regular basis to maintain and improve our health and well-being.”

It can be emotional, physical, mental, social, spiritual, practical and professional personal care.

And a little self-love has plenty of benefits, with research finding that “self-care can help you manage stress, reduce your risk of disease and boost your energy”.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “even small acts of self-care in your daily life can have a big impact.”

What the women said:

“Taking more time to take care of myself has given me a better understanding of the importance that self-care and a healthy lifestyle can have on your confidence.”

“I do a lot less now. I used to spend a small fortune on beauty products, but now it’s all simple, great products that work and aim to keep my skin clean and hydrated. I wear very little makeup these days but I feel great.

“Me time is showering, cleansing my face, moisturizing my skin, applying an indulgent hair treatment… taking time for myself.”

“A new job and a new beauty routine means I look better and feel more confident.”

“A new exercise, routine and workout wardrobe, a great deodorant that works and doesn’t leave wet spots, and I look the healthiest and best I’ve had in ages. years.”

The self-care kit

Beauty should be trusted with self-care at the center. Whether you’re looking for a deodorant to keep you cool and dry all day, want to repair damaged hair, or want a shower gel to help keep your skin hydrated, Dove products are created to protect and care for your skin. your skin and give you that extra confidence boost you need. Plus, all Dove skincare products are cruelty-free, PETA-accredited.

Little self-care helpers that can make a big difference

What does self-care look like to you?

What works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to spend time working on your own feel-good factor.

Take time for YOU today, for self-love, self-care, and happiness. You will thank yourself for it.

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