How to cut your baby’s little nails


Did you know that your baby’s nails grow about 0.1 mm per day and faster in summer? Keeping up with their constant growth could be a very difficult undertaking.

Your baby’s nails have been growing since before he was born, so he may be ready for a manicure within the first week of life (and every few days for the first three weeks until the nails stop to grow so quickly.

What is the best way to cut a baby’s nails?

Use special baby scissors with blunt tips, so you don’t accidentally poke her if she flinches while you’re working, or a specialized clippers for the task. Some mowers have built-in magnifying glasses to help you get a clear view.

  • Hold your baby’s finger while pressing the fingertip away from the nail as you trim the nail.
  • Carefully cut along the natural curve of the nail.
  • When taking care of her little toes, cut the nails straight. Remember that nails grow more slowly and therefore require less trimming.
  • It’s easier to cut a baby’s nails while he’s sleeping.
  • Keep a pair of scissors in your diaper bag so you can take advantage of cutting opportunities whenever they arise – in the stroller, in the car (when someone else is driving!) or at grand- mother.

Tip: Too shy to use baby nail clippers or scissors? Instead, use a baby-sized nail file.

Can I nibble on my baby’s nails instead of with scissors?

Peeling or biting the tips of your baby’s nails is usually not the best idea. Peeling can inadvertently remove too much of the nail, while nibbling can transmit your bacteria to her skin.

What should I do if I accidentally cut my baby’s finger while cutting her nails?

Even if you feel bad, try not to worry if you accidentally draw blood; It happens to all well-meaning parents and manicurists! Do not put a bandage on the affected area (if it comes off, it could pose a choking hazard). Light pressure with a clean, lint-free cloth or gauze pad will quickly stop the bleeding.

Invest in baby mittens

Many parents wrap their babies’ hands in mittens or socks to prevent them from scratching their faces with their fingernails. However, as your baby develops over the next few weeks (and you become more adept at nail trimming), it’s a good idea to give him plenty of time to explore his hands freely. If scratching continues to be a problem, we recommend limiting your baby’s covered time to when they sleep.


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