Lex Luthor’s ultimate form turned him into DC’s new Darkseid


Lex Luthor’s ultimate form made him the god of Apokolips as longtime Superman villain replaced Darkseid for a short time.

In the pages of DC Comics, Lex luthor is one of the most menacing villains of all time because he’s not afraid to adapt to take down Superman or other heroes. However, during DC’s The New 52 era, Luthor took on his ultimate form and became the New Darkseid. But how did mortal man become the ruler of Apokolips? Luthor lied to the top – even though his time on the throne didn’t last particularly long.

In the Dark War scenario, the ruler of Apokolips dies at the hands of the Anti-Monitor, whom he killed alongside a Black Racer-infused Flash. After Darkseid’s death, Lex Luthor, who was trapped on Apokolips, encountered the Forgotten People, who prophesied that the night of Darkseid’s death would lead to a human taking the role. However, they believe that a hero from Metropolis who repeatedly saved the world (Superman) would change Apokolips as the new seeker of truth and justice. Luthor lies and says he is the Man of Prophecy, leading him to gain powers like never before.


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In Justice League # 45 by Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato and Rob Leigh, The Forgotten tell Luthor that they contain the Omega effect inside of him after it was triggered after Darkseid’s death. Despite the warning that Luthor could die if he lied about who he was, Lex survives the Omega Effect and transforms into his ultimate form, as the new god of Apokolips.

Luthor would return to Earth, where he would train with Superman, unleashing the power of the Omega Effect. However, Darkseid’s daughter Grail would resurrect Darkseid through the child of Lois Lane from Earth-3 – who used her power-stealing abilities to steal them from the gods, including stripping Luthor of his Omega effect. After Darkseid was defeated (to be later brought back to life), Luthor returned to Apokolips, where he sat on the throne in Superman armor with a Motherbox. Luthor would try his hand at being Superman in Metropolis for a while – revealing that he could have ruled countless worlds and galaxies as a replacement for Darkseid, but instead chose a different path.

Ultimately, Lex Luthor becoming the god of Apokolips made him as powerful as he had ever been. Yet despite his ability to rule the cosmos, Luthor decided to choose a more heroic path after Superman’s death. The New 52’s messy gun (and later deleted) made his time as Darkseid’s replacement a bit confusing, but Lex luthor ultimate form turned out to be the most powerful version of the villain ever.

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