Madhya Pradesh: Villagers Capture Crocodile Insisting It Swallows Boy Bathing In River



Crocodile caught in MP for allegedly swallowing boy

After a search, the boy’s body was retrieved from the river on Tuesday morning

A crocodile has been caught by villagers who insisted the reptile swallowed a 10-year-old boy bathing in a river in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh, police said on Tuesday.

A police and forest department team rescued the reptile captured by residents of Rijhenta village on Monday, an official said.

People reportedly saw the crocodile carrying away Atar Singh while bathing in the Chambal River on Monday afternoon, Raghunathpur Police Station Chief Shyamveer Singh Tomar said.

A large number of villagers gathered at the scene and captured the crocodile using a net, insisting the child was still alive in its stomach, he said, adding that some villagers wanted to open the reptile’s stomach.

However, authorities told villagers they would not find the child in the crocodile’s stomach and a search for the boy’s body was launched in the river.

Following a search, the boy’s body was retrieved from the river on Tuesday morning and returned to his family after an autopsy.

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