Maya Jama’s beauty and skincare routine



From the £ 2.73 face cream she always buys to the cult body oil she uses every day, Maya’s beauty routine is surprisingly relevant.

You can currently see presenter Maya Jama, 26, on your screens hosting the BBC One football show Crouchy’s end-of-year euros: live…, alongside footballer Peter Crouch, but that’s not all she’s juggling right now. Maya has also just launched the latest addition to her Mij Masks face mask brand. The Silver Hydrogel eye patches, £ 15.99 for two sets, arrive today, June 25.

The silver patches are there to brighten and balance the skin, in addition to strengthening and smoothing with niacinamide. They join the Hydrogel Eye Patches, £ 13.99 for two sets, and the Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, £ 15.99 for two, launched last year.

We caught up with Maya at the Silver Hydrogel Eye Patches launch to talk about all things skin care and makeup. Here she shares her down-to-earth beauty routine and the luxury treatments to which she devotes herself. Plus, we took a deep dive into Maya’s most iconic makeup looks to find out what her glamor team uses to keep her gorgeous.

Cult Body Buys: Bio-Oil, £ 22.99

“I use it all over my body after showering to feel soft for days afterwards,” she told us.

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“I can’t do without it,” Maya said of everyone’s favorite budget dry shampoo.

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The discreet face wash: Dove Soap, £ 3.85


“I’m pretty basic with my face wash at the moment, I’m just using Dove Soap, £ 3.85,” Maya explained. “I go in and out depending on how well my skin is behaving and at the moment this regular soap is working for me.”

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The classic moisturizer: Nivea Face Cream, £ 2.73


“My morning routine is to apply soap to my face and then apply this cream,” she said.

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“When I have something really important the next day, I take a really hot bath before bed with CBD oil in the bath, so it’s really hot,” Maya told us.

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The luxury facial treatment: Shane Cooper Aqua Tight Facial, POA

Maya regularly shares Instagram stories of herself having facials with facialist Shane Cooper at her South Kensington clinic. “I normally go to facialist Shane Cooper, he knows what he’s doing with peels,” Maya explained.

Shane recently posted on her own grid that she performed her Aqua Tight Facial on Maya. “The Aqua Tight Facial involves the use of three individual handpieces and a combination of acids,” Shane wrote on Instagram. “The first is a water-based peel with sequential acids, used with a vacuum to remove all these impurities, including dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. The second piece of equipment is the handpiece of mesoporation, which uses hyaluronic acid and serums to restructure and oxygenate your skin tissue ensuring it is fully hydrated.Finally, the Diamond-Grain handpiece is used to exfoliate and polish the skin. “

Body toning treatment: Shane Cooper Body Defining Treatment, POA

Maya also applied Shane’s Body Defining Treatment to her thighs and stomach, to tighten and tone her muscles. “This treatment attacks both muscle and fat,” Shane wrote on his Instagram. “It does this by using electromagnetic waves, to induce up to 36,000 supra-maximal forced muscle contractions during each session.”

Maya told us she “hated” the exercise when we caught up with her, so this is a way to get around squats and lunges!


When she does makeup on herself, Maya says it’s the only product she never skips. “The concealer is the most important,” she said. “It suits me in the morning. I can do without mascara, but the concealer allows makeup without makeup. “

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Maya told us that sleeping on a silk pillowcase, with her hair braided, is the best advice she’s ever had from her dressing table to prevent breakage and preserve her hairline.

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Maya Jama makeup artist Letitia Sophia, who is a regular part of Maya’s glam crew for TV sets and events, used this mascara for Maya’s dramatic Brits 2020 look. It is lightweight but creates a false eyelash effect, thickening and lengthening with a deep black pigment. The brush is densely filled with bristles to ensure that every lash is coated.


Soon to be discontinued, this ultra-finely ground highlighter gives a soft, lightweight glow to the skin and is a Letitia Sophia favorite to use over Maya for coverage sessions.

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Instagram @mayajama

Maya shared a photo of herself on Instagram Stories this week, plugged into a vitamin infusion, writing that she “recommends it 10/10”. White Night offers drops promising everything from a dose of vitamin B12 to a dose of hydration, which they believe provide the body and cells with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need with absorption to 100%.


This silky finishing powder is Letitia Sophia’s powder of choice to use over Maya to hold her makeup in place without looking mushy or heavy. It absorbs shine and has no flashback in photos, making it ideal for still shots.

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Maya told us that you will always find a tube of hair removal cream in her bathroom and that once a month she uses it on her upper lip.

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We don’t know anyone who hasn’t owned a Tangle Teezer over the years and Maya is no different, telling us that she always has one with her to brush her teeth on the go.

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This is the eyeliner Letitia Sophia uses to create the cat-flick eyeliner Maya often wears on TV. It has a fine, flexible tip that makes movie creation a snap.

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Letitia Sophia regularly avoids foundation when she puts makeup on Maya, instead combining concealers on this hydrating base hybrid that leaves skin dewy, plumped and prepped for makeup.

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