McAuliffe & Youngkin’s key positions in the VA Gov race.




Terry McAuliffe, Democrat: McAuliffe wants “to create a continuous 5-year career path from Kindergarten to Grade 12; and expand workplace learning opportunities for students. “

He also wants “to assure more than 41,000 needy 3- and 4-year-olds have access to kindergarten, “” puts every student online by investing $ 75 million per year in broadband to expand access and reduce monthly costs, “” responding to segregation in schools and creating an education equity and innovation commission, fund and inclusive school leader, “” making Virginia the best state in the country for teaching of STEM-H and computer science by integrating these skills and principles at all school levels and subjects. “,” promote career preparation by investing in vocational and technical education and by integrating internships and apprenticeships into curricula “and” pay educators what they deserve and raise teachers’ salaries above the national average for the first time in the history of Virginia, “as well as”invest in Virginia’s crumbling school infrastructure. noted that “not a penny of money will ever be taken from our public schools” to be put into charter schools.

Regarding STEM-H and computer training, McAuliffe wishes “start working on the digital equity gap by ensuring that students have computing devices at home and building a solid foundation of access to knowledge, skills and resources ”,“ Integrate STEM principles and skills- H and computer science in all subject areas and grade levels in K-12 schools “,” equip educators with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and teach these principles, and foster inclusive learning environments “and” cultivate public-private partnerships to advance STEM-H and computer literacy, build the workforce of the future, and attract well-paying jobs to all corners of the Commonwealth. “

Regarding post-secondary education, McAuliffe wants “to reinforce community colleges and associate degree programs by funding counseling and support services, increasing short-term immersion programs and cumulating degrees, and establishing career certificate and technical education programs for educators. easier for students to make the transition to higher education, between institutions and from education to the labor market ”,“ streamline financial aid to better meet student needs and expand programs that ensure that students can benefit from higher education, ”“ building new, affordable entry routes to the labor market that reduce burdens on students and allow students to choose the option that best suits their needs. to the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) to approve programs more quickly and get students in high-demand education streams like nursing, teaching, etc.

McAuliffe noted Support a policy allowing transgender and non-binary students in Virginia public schools to use their preferred pronouns, washrooms and locker rooms of their choice, and play on sports teams that match their gender identities. He also wants “past an anti-harassment law to protect LGBTQ + youth. “

Glenn Youngkin, Republican: Youngkin wants “Make make sure every student is ready for a career or college “and to” restore our high standards for schools and our students, ban critical race theory, invest in our teachers and schools, and give parents real choice”.

More precisely, he wants “[Keep] Schools open safely five days a week, “”[Restore] High expectations and preparation of every student for college or a career, “”[Rid] Classroom political agendas by banning critical race theory, “”[Rebuild] Ruined schools, increased teachers’ salaries and investment in special education programs “and”[Create] at least 20 new innovation charter schools across the K-12 spectrum to provide choice. “

He supported a teacher who was fired for refusing to call a student by his favorite pronouns, saying that the school board “ignores[d] and absolutely trample[d] on “the” constitutional rights of the teacher to express not only his religious convictions, but also his right to freedom of expression “.

Youngkin once noted, “Biological men shouldn’t be allowed to play sports for girls. It just isn’t fair.” Likewise, when demand What he thinks of a policy that allows a transgender girl at a Virginia public school to play on a women’s basketball team, Youngkin said, “I don’t think they should. [be allowed]. “He said the government should not be involved in these decisions.


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