‘Mirror Manicure’: The It-Girl Approved Nail Trend to Give Your Figures a Futuristic Upgrade


With each new season and the award shows that follow, our Instagram feeds and red carpets all feature a plethora of new beauty trends. Yes, our eyes tend to scan every makeup and hairstyle moment that is reflected in our vision. But now our focus is on the fingertips.

Enter: Mirror Manicure.

Thanks to the recent trip to our beloved era of the year 2000 – and its fascination with futurism – a new nail trend is surfacing. Known for its chrome-like finish, the look essentially looks like a mirror on your nails and gives off a dystopian aura to any look.
Instagram celebrities and It-girls – hello, Dua Lipa – have all embraced the trend, whether through their social media networks or when attending award shows, and the manicure trend seems to not going anywhere anytime soon.
To most, the mirror manicure might seem intimidating, but lo and behold, your nails won’t. Actually reflect an image. In fact, if you’re less fond of full nail coverage, your numbers don’t have to be. The trend can be achieved a number of ways, with iterations of the manicure ranging from a subtle chrome French tip to a “dipped” mirror effect.

And there are no rules on color either, you can opt for metallic silver tones or a rich and decadent golden hue. The best part? While less confident manicurists may head straight to their nearest nail technician, this trend can actually be done at home.

First of all, the most important step in any manicure routine is to prep your nails. Essentially, prepping your nails includes trimming, filing, and shaping the nails however you prefer. But do not forget to polish the nail bed, because the gel will not stick to “shiny” nails.

Then apply your first coat of nail polish. For gel polish users, now is the time to apply your primer and set. Then apply your favorite base coat and cure with UV or LED lamp until dry.

Once you’ve applied your polish, here’s where the chrome comes in. To apply your chrome pigment, which gives your numbers the mirror-like shine you’re looking for, grab a brush, either the one the pigment comes with, or a brush closed. eye shadow brush that you are happy to part with. Next, press the brush into the chrome pigment and sweep from the base of the nail to the tip, avoiding the cuticle and skin as much as possible.

When the chrome pigment begins to reflect light like a mirror, the pigment has done its job. To finish the look, apply your favorite top coat and cure under your UV or LED lamp. Apply nourishing nail oil to your cuticles and fingertips when dry, and here!

And like we said, if creating your own mirror manicure isn’t your forte, there’s no shame in heading to your local manicurist.

Still need some visual inspiration? Below, we’ve rounded up the best mirror manicures to inspire your next trip to the salon.


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