Mobile retailer Hardman Kollection brings essentials and good vibes to 53206



MILWAUKEE – A man from Milwaukee is now helping bring resources to his community with a new mobile retail business.

He turned a life-threatening event into a business for himself and zip code 53206.

Tuesday marked another day at the office for Trevis Hardman. His office, however, is The Hardman Kollection, a handcrafted mobile retail store based on zip code 53206.

If it’s outside nearby, you might hear gospel music.

“It keeps things peaceful. It totally keeps things peaceful,” Hardman said. “Often some people say, ‘I’m just coming for peace. “”


TMJ4 News caught up with Hardman near 9th and Ring as he opened the store. He starts every day with a purpose.

“So really just to bring a level of quality to the neighborhoods where it doesn’t seem like a lot of quality is coming from,” Hardman said.

The collection contains essential items, providing a one-stop-shop for people in the community who may not be able to travel far to get the things they need.

Hardman sells everything from oils, phone chargers, and even clothing.

“It’s really just a resource for the neighborhood. Having a safe place to come and a safe place to spend your money,” Hardman said.

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A unique showcase, with a unique story.

“I actually got shot here. Get out here,” Hardman said, showing his gunshot wounds.

In 2018, Hardman was using this trailer for its original purpose, landscaping, when violence erupted near its construction site at 6th and Meinecke.

“A shooting broke out in the street,” he said. “I was shot. A few neighbors inside their homes were shot. None of us had anything to do with the situation.”

It took Hardman nine months to come to himself.

“During this recovery period, I was thinking about what I could do with my trailer. I almost couldn’t use my equipment anymore, ”he said.

He decided to turn the trailer into an asset, not just for himself, but for his family and community.

He credits his then one-year-old son Tamir as the catalyst for going into business.

“We literally just took the trailer apart. He was standing on the platform of the trailer,” Hardman said. “It was the day. We started to build.”

Now he is running a full-fledged business. The Hardman Kollection is on the move, from 9th and Ring, to wherever it is needed.

A link to the Hardman Kollection website can be found here.

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