Most of us know that xylitol is toxic to dogs, but now it’s labeled as follows


Most know that the artificial sweetener called xylitol is toxic to dogs. It’s found in sugar-free products like breath mints, chewing gum, and even peanut butter.

However, it has recently been noticed that more and more products are replacing the labeling of “xylitol” with “birch sugar” Where “birch sap.”

Xylitol Is Toxic to Dogs, Regardless of its Name

Don’t get me wrong, although sugar and birch sap seem naturally enjoyable, they are still toxic to dogs, so you need to be careful when looking at the ingredient label before giving anything to your dog.

“It’s tricky for us as pet owners, because if we know ‘xylitol’ but not ‘birch sugar’, we won’t look for it,” said veterinary nutritionist Dr Camille Torres-Henderson. at Colorado State University.

Dr. Torres-Henderson also reminds us that just one taste of xylitol is enough to make a dog sick.

“Dogs are more sensitive because they have more sugar receptors in their taste buds, so they’re generally more interested in products that contain xylitol,” Torres-Henderson said. “Even though cats may not taste as sweet as dogs, they are still at risk.”

If your dog ingests anything with xylitol or sugar/birch sap, it is important that you get him emergency veterinary care immediately.

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