Ms Hinch fans’ £1 trick to unblock the sink is a little revolting but makes sense


Fans of cleaning guru Ms Hinch have shared their top tips for unblocking the sink – and while it’s a bit sickening to think about, it makes perfect sense

Keeping your shipwreck flowing is key to a clean house

Fans of cleaning guru Ms. Hinch have taken to a joint forum to share their top tips for unclogging the sink – and the suggested method makes a lot of sense.

Sophie Hinchcliffe is a social media influencer known for sharing cleaning tips and her Instagram handle, Ms Hinchcliffe, has become synonymous with good housekeeping.

His fans created a forum in his name where they share their cleaning tips, and recently a member asked how to unclog the sink when his kept clogging.

Several fans have suggested using an epilator – pouring it straight down the drain – which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense.

All you have to do is pour the epilator down the drain


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The user with the issue first shared a photo of Mr Muscle drain gel and said, “Can someone please help me? I’ve used this to unclog my sink and my bath drains. full at end.”

Soon the cool solution was commented on when one user said: “Cheap epilator tube sort mine, I get two from Poundland, one in the tub and one in the sink.

“Leave overnight then hot water. Boys shave, my own hair quite long, it builds up quickly.”

Another user said: “As I have a lot of hairs that get stuck in my drain, I use a hair removal cream to loosen them up nicely.

“Honestly, it dissolves hair in seconds.”

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Meanwhile, few things can make your home more welcoming than a spring cleaning, and no refresh is complete by tackling the bathroom.

Yet even with a freshly mopped floor and scrubbed shower tiles, the bathroom can still look a little grubby unless you tackle limescale in the toilet bowl, as The Express reports.

Now, fans of cleaning sensation Ms. Hinch have shared their top tips on social media and a recent Facebook post shared a hack they “swear” to reset your toilet.

They said all you need is a twopence and rubbing the limestone with the copper coin until it all comes off the porcelain – simple.

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