Revealed: 10 newly ‘forgotten’ Quinn family items – from Irish ‘Marie Antoinette moment’ to business money used to pay household bills


Dozens of other articles about ex-billionaire Seán Quinn’s family have been “forgotten” by Google, including reports about their lifestyle and legal battles.

ome 69 web pages containing Quinn-related articles and photographs published by have been removed from search engine results under the ‘right to be forgotten’ so far this year.

This is in addition to the 151 web pages removed from search results, when certain terms are entered, in September and October last year.

Although the articles still exist on, they will be more difficult to find through the global search engine.

The decision to remove items from the list was made even though the Quinn family fortune was closely tied to the collapse of one of the nation’s largest banks, a huge public issue.

Consumers have been paying a 2% tax on all non-life insurance policies since 2012 due to the impact of Quinn Insurance’s collapse on the state Insurance Compensation Fund.

Google is not releasing the identities of the people requesting the removal, but Sean Quinn’s son-in-law, Niall McPartland, has previously said he was responsible for the requests and that they relate to searches on his name.

Here are ten of the recently “forgotten” items:

The €100,000 wedding cake was a ‘Marie Antoinette moment’, says Burton

October 01, 2012

A senior government minister has delved into the controversy over the cost of Ciara Quinn’s wedding cake.

Social Care Minister Joan Burton called the revelation ‘like the Irish Marie Antoinette moment’ and said it ‘beyond belief’.

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Slieve Russell Hotel takes legal action over Quinn’s lavish wedding bill

May 26, 2013

The Slieve Russell Hotel has taken legal action against Ciara Quinn over her lavish 2007 wedding bill and other expenses that have accrued over the years.

The five-star Cavan Hotel is suing Ms Quinn for expenses related to her marriage to Niall McPartland, a solicitor. The wedding infamously featured a six-foot handmade New York cake.

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Quinn still received the manager’s salary months after leaving the band

December 20, 2011

Bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn paid his family’s household bills directly through the Quinn Group, a court has heard.

During a day-long hearing, it also emerged that Mr Quinn had been paid a salary for several months after ceasing to be a director.

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Anglo ‘took our money, our business and our pride’

May 03, 2012

Sean Quinn has lashed out at Anglo Irish Bank in testy and heated arguments at the High Court.

Mr Quinn complained the lender had made him ‘a criminal in Irish society’ and dismissed any loss to the Irish taxpayer as the Quinn family moved property out of Anglo’s reach under the name “Mickey Mouse”.

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U-turn as Sean Quinn Snr says he will now help Anglo on property portfolio worth over €500m

October 19, 2012

Bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn wants to purge his contempt and is ready to cooperate with the former Anglo Irish Bank, the High Court has heard.

The former billionaire was due to be convicted in the High Court for breaching court orders not to interfere with up to €500million worth of properties in the family’s International Property Group (IPG), but the hearing went on was postponed after the appearance of “significant new elements”.

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Attorney General is drawn into Quinn’s early release offer

December 20, 2012

The attorney general has become embroiled in the complex legal wrangle over the compassionate release of jailed businessman Sean Quinn.

The bankrupt, who is serving a nine-week sentence for contempt, is asking for compassionate release to attend his granddaughter’s christening and spend Christmas with his family.

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Film of row over $500,000 ‘shows Quinns can’t reverse payment’

October 04, 2012

A secret recording of a meeting in Ukraine attended by Sean Quinn Jr, his cousin Peter and Ukrainians revealed a ‘hot row’ over money, the Supreme Court has heard.

The footage made it clear the Quinns cannot undo a controversial $500,000 (€390,000) payment for which Sean Quinn Jr was jailed, his lawyer has argued.

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Decision to jail Sean Quinn Jr is ‘wrong in principle’, appeal lawyers say

October 02, 2012

Supreme Court told it was ‘wrong in principle’ to jail bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn’s son ‘indefinitely’ to pressure his father to reverse measures to put several million in assets beyond the reach of the former Anglo Irish Bank.

Lawyers for Sean Quinn Jr also argued today that he was wrongfully jailed for failing to comply with more than 30 coercive orders to reverse asset stripping when only one of those orders was for the sole finding of contempt of court entered by the High Court against him the foot of which he was imprisoned.

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Sean Quinn Jnr offers to sell £800,000 plush family home to purge his contempt

December 13, 2012

Sean Quinn Jr has offered to sell the £800,000 home he shares with wife Karen Woods in a bid to serve his contempt of court, the High Court heard this morning.

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Brenda Quinn’s ‘pleasure’ after Quinn Insurance claim settlement

May 27, 2013

The daughter of former billionaire Sean Quinn has expressed ‘joy’ and ‘relief’ after settling a constructive dismissal claim against the company founded by her father.

Brenda Quinn (25), the youngest of five Quinn children, smiled as she left a Labor Appeal Tribunal hearing, moments after a settlement was reached between her lawyers and those of Quinn Insurance.

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