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Salma Hayek dances on a table in a swimsuit! The icon is known for having one of the best figures and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her beautiful curves for her 20 million plus instagram followers. At 55, the Mexican-born actress still happily wears a swimsuit. “#dancingontables #sail“, she captioned the new photos. But, unlike other Hollywood stars, the ageless beauty doesn’t spend too much time thinking about the gym or counting calories. Instead, she’s found what works for her and below are five ways the star keeps fit Read on to see 5 ways Salma Hayek stays fit and the photos that prove they work – and to get ready to the beach, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Salma calls the juice cleanse her “reset.” Matt Gehlbach, ISSA and NASM certified personal trainer with says “A juice cleanse can help you stay fit and healthy by creating a calorie deficit. calories than usual. This creates a calorie deficit, which can help you lose weight or burn fat. Plus, purifying juices can help improve your digestion and boost your immune system. They are also a great way to detoxify your body and get rid of harmful toxins. Overall, juicing is a great way to stay healthy and fit!”

Hayek doesn’t like diets. Gehlbach shares, “Eating in moderation has many benefits, especially when it comes to staying healthy and fit. One of the main benefits is that you create a calorie deficit, which means you burn more calories than you consume. is essential for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, eating in moderation helps regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reduce inflammation. All of these things contribute to a healthier body and can help you stay fit. So if you’re looking to improve your health and maintain a healthy weight, moderate your diet and be sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.”

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The mother-of-one openly admits that she doesn’t like the gym and doesn’t like working out, but she does like walking her dog. “Some people have the discipline to exercise in the morning, and I haven’t developed that,” she said. People. She joked about instagram, “This is my version of the exercise and these are my #dog trainers….These are my trainers!” she captioned a video of herself walking her dogs. According to Gehlbach “Walking is a great way to stay in shape because it’s a low impact exercise that gets your heart rate up and burns calories. But what many people don’t know is that walking also has a significant effect on something called non-physical activity thermogenesis (NEAT).NEAT is the energy we expend during all kinds of activities that are not formally considered exercise, such as standing, fidgeting and walking.And it turns out that NEAT accounts for a surprisingly high percentage of our overall daily energy expenditure.In fact, recent studies have shown that NEAT can account for up to 30% of the number total calories we burn each day! You can use a step tracker or smartwatch and track your steps each day. Aim for around 10,000 steps each day for optimal health.”

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Although Hayek doesn’t like the gym or diets, she continues to train. Her trainer Sara Shears said Form that Salma works out up to seven days a week, with an emphasis on workouts that last 30 minutes or less. These include cardio and HIIT workouts, as well as strengthening moves. Gehlbach says, “When you train, your body burns calories. The harder you train, the more calories you burn. So by training for 30 minutes a day, you’re essentially burning an additional 300 calories a week. This can cause significant weight loss over time. But it’s not just about burning calories during your workout; your body continues to burn calories even after you’re done working out. This “effect afterburner” is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and it helps explain why workouts are so effective for losing weight and staying fit. So if you’re looking To stay fit and lose weight, be sure to train for at least 30 minutes a day!”

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Hayek has a busy schedule and doesn’t have much time to train. Instead, she uses an unconventional trick to stay in shape. She revealed to People, “I work with a woman in London who taught me how to hold my body in such a way that the muscles are activated all day. So even when you brush your teeth, you are working the muscles. That’s restorative yoga,” she added. Explain. “She taught me how to tone [my muscles] without tightening them. You relax them and focus on the parts that need to be used, but never with tension. If you are aware of your body, you would be surprised at the effect it can have. Gehlbach explains, “Body weight is determined by the balance between incoming and outgoing energy. When we move our muscles, they consume energy (calories). This is what we call “active thermogenesis”. The more active your muscles are, the more calories they burn. Good posture helps us to be more active throughout the day because it helps us move more easily and with less effort. This increased activity leads to higher calorie expenditure, which can help us lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Good posture is also important for maintaining a healthy spine. When our spine is properly aligned, it takes less work for our muscles to support it. Additionally, good posture helps improve breathing and circulation, which also contributes to overall health and fitness. And finally, good posture makes you look leaner and more toned, so you feel more confident about your appearance!”


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