Sibling rivalry gets a whole new meaning in this week’s ‘Hamster & Gretel’


This week Hamster and Gretel marks the first return of Lyle and Lauren, now with their cool supervillain names, and Gretel’s “Hero Hunch” which just might turn out right after all.

Superhero Sibling Rivalry

After several days of arguing, Gretel and Kevin come to the conclusion that they are arguing too much and decide to walk away from each other for a bit. Of course, given how they work, it might turn out to be a little more difficult than you might think. Gretel decides that she will take care of things on her own from now on (with Hamster too, of course). Hamster, meanwhile, has his own things to say, mostly from his fortune cookie – this may not necessarily apply to Gretel and Kevin – “The sibling rivalry is the only competition anyone can’t win.”

Remember in the first episode, not only Gretel and Hamster got their superpowers, but also two other siblings who were told to use their powers only for evil? Well, in this episode they’re back and they’ve just been spotted near the docks. Kevin reluctantly stays home to enjoy the day and decides to go to the mall – a large department store with a bunch of smaller stores – with their cousin, Fred.

At the docks, evil siblings Lauren and Lyle (now known as Destructress and Fistpuncher) launch boats and cargo for a series of new videos so they can start getting a good following on social media. Fistpuncher uses his strength and launches a yacht into a nearby office building. As the workers inside debate how to follow an evacuation manual, the ship draws closer and closer before being inevitably stopped by Hamster and Gretel just before breaking the tower windows.

As Gretel goes to introduce herself and her pet hamster, Hamster, the Destroyer is surprised to see her. The whole town already knows Hamster and Gretel, so it would be the perfect collaboration, and when they defeat the young heroine and her pet, their followers will become supervillain followers instead. As Gretel fights with the couple at the docks, Kevin is at the mall with Fred but clearly has no desire to be there. He even passively scrolls on his phone watching Gretel headlines and live streams when Gretel calls. Refusing to answer, he passes the phone to Fred who answers and finds that Gretel and Hamster are trapped under 200 tons of shipyard scrap metal, and together they can only lift 157 tons.

Worried, Kevin rushes away from Fred and heads for the docks where he finds Gretel and tells her to follow her plan. Claiming to know who these new villains are (because they’re SOOOO famous), and uses his own experience fighting Gretel pitting Lauren and Lyle against each other, saying everyone online is talking about them but wondering who is the stronger of the two. Trying to prove themselves, each sibling individually begins to build their own pile of shipyard trash – freeing Hamster and Gretel and summoning a musical number.

Although both are removed at the end of this episode, the very fact that they were introduced in the pilot and have now reappeared leads me to believe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lyle and Lauren.

Close shave

Kevin takes Gretel to school when she explains that she has a plan since she has a “hero’s intuition” that her new substitute teacher is evil. Mainly because of his “evil half-beard thing”, which Kevin says is a goatee. She’ll also bring Hamster into class, disguising him as a class pet, but he has to be careful since the last class pet was a mouse neighboring a fairly hungry snake.

As she puts Hamster in his cage, replacing him, Mr. Chabner enters and although Gretel is terribly suspicious, he seems quite normal. He announces to the class that he is going to reinforce the program and asks for a volunteer, Bailey, to come lead the class in some exercises. This leads to Gretel stepping into her imagination and acting out scenarios where Mr. Chabner reveals himself as a true supervillain.

Kevin is also at school giving a project alongside his cousin, but is constantly interrupted by Gretel’s phone calls, most of which seem overdone and nothing to worry about, especially considering how his hunches many heroes have been wrong in the past. Mr. Chabner brings special cupcakes and once again Gretel plays the worst-case scenario in her head and ends up attacking the box of cupcakes, throwing one into Hamster’s cage and sawing it into the snake’s mouth. Although it is swallowed, it seems to be fine as it is just moving around inside the snake’s body. He moves to one end of the snake and whips it, knocking it out before emerging from the snake’s mouth and calmly returning to its cage. Immediately, Mr. Chabner asks Gretel to stay after class.

After class, Mr. Chabner says Gretel is fine, but he suspects something is wrong and asks if there is anything she wants to talk about. She comes clean and says she suspected he was mean because of the goatee. By the time we get some sentimentality, Mr. Chabner turns out to be a supervillain who saw Hamster and Gretel on TV and started subcontracting to various schools until he found them. But who is he? A young scientist who once couldn’t grow a beard started messing with facial DNA and accidentally turned into a piece of sensitive facial hair that can control any host it attaches to. Her name? The Van Dyke – Mind controlling facial hair.

The goatee tears off his host face and starts a schoolyard-wide brawl in this episode’s musical number. At one point in the song, the fight ends up in a hair salon and then hooked up with Hamster, so the two end up fighting. Kevin and Fred check their phones to find out what’s going on. The Van Dyke ends up on Kevin, threatening that if Gretel tries to do anything stupid, her brother is “ground meat.” Fred arrives on the scene and removes the Van Dyke with hair removal spray, saving the day. The Van Dyke is in pain and rushes to get the lawn mowed? All the action takes place off-screen by sound only and we see a bunch of little whiskers come back asking to be put back together. So maybe we haven’t seen the last of him, but he definitely needs to be reassembled first.

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