Stearns Bank meets you where you are


Have you ever had a bad experience with a bank? He tends to stay with you. There are a few obvious reasons for this. First, conversations about money can be stressful and tend to be very personal. Second, while no one who has had a bad experience at a particular restaurant would blame the entire restaurant industry, many people mistakenly believe that all banks are basically the same. Therefore, if they felt uncomfortable in one bank, they assume that they will be treated the same in another.

It’s something the Stearns Bank lending team have heard before, and it’s a myth they wish they could dispel once and for all. Fortunately, many past and current Stearns Bank clients have done the work for them. Kevin Haasarud of Garden Bar PHX was happy to add his story to Stearns Bank’s long list of customer success stories online after working with his Stearns Bank lender, Katie Peterson. “Katie and Stearns Bank were ready to listen,” he explains. “The big institutions weren’t. You have the feeling that they were on your side.

Chad Smith, who runs his own carpentry and cabinetmaking shop in a small town in Idaho, also commented on the different experience of the Stearns Bank lending team: “When you work with most banks , you feel like they are doing you a favor by working with you. It’s quite the opposite with Stearns Bank. It feels like working with a friend.

The Stearns Bank lending team is on a mission to gain a deep understanding of various industries, so they can speak to customers in their own language and anticipate their needs. At any time, the team can help a dental practice buy new x-ray machines, a real estate developer build a new office or apartment complex, or a dairy farmer acquire a new cattle trailer.

Even though Stearns Bank lends to customers across the country, unlike many other prime lenders, Stearns Bank’s roots are in central Minnesota and its culture continues to embrace traditional Midwestern values ​​like hard work. , humility and service to others. In addition, where other banks have prioritized profits, Stearns Bank has continued to prioritize rewarding its customers with high interest rates on their deposits, a flexible approach to lending and a personal touch. human and pleasant.

But Stearns Bank has learned a lesson from the big financial institutions. Along with making the lending experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, it’s also important to make banking transparent and simple. Stearns Bank allows customers to use for free tools such as credit monitoring, identity protection and a business loan calculator. Plus, a convenient online portal makes the business loan process simple and accessible for customers on the go.

Whether you own your own business and are looking to grow, or are simply looking for a bank that will treat you like a human being instead of a number, a fundamentally different experience at Stearns Bank is just a click away or a phonecall.


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