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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke celebrates his birthday. She decided to go to Cabo to celebrate. Stracke posted highlights of her trip to her Instagram Stories. In one photo, Strake waded through the water in a white and yellow bikini. She captioned the story, “Cabo’s birthday begins.” How does she stay in shape? Read on to see 5 ways Sutton Stracke stays fit and the photos that prove they work – and to get beach ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

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In a Housewives episode, Stracke revealed one of the ways she deals with her anxiety. She uses a massage beauty roller to help her. In the episode, she says, “I carry my roller with me. It relieves me of anxiety.” Rollers, facials and similar products can help relieve anxiety, as proven a 2008 study. He said facial massages can reduce tension and distress by activating a person’s sympathetic nerves.

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Stracke shared some of her favorite skincare products in a video with Bravo. She says she likes to use under eye patches. “I wear them every day,” she explains. “I have very severe allergies, so my eyes get very puffy. It’s a lifesaver – I’m not kidding.” Dermatologist Dr. Karen Burke told NBC News that eye products can reduce puffiness.

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When Stracke has free time, she learns to play golf. She shared a video from one of his lessons on Instagram. Stracke captioned the video, “Finally! A day off. Oceanside golf lesson.” According Better healthGolf can be good for your health and your heart. Walking an average course for a round of golf can be between five and seven kilometres. If you hit 18 holes three to five times a week, you’ll get the optimal amount of endurance exercise for your heart. If you pull your clubs or carry them, you’ll burn even more calories with each round and benefit even more.”

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Stracke enjoys doing outdoor activities. One thing she likes to do is go horseback riding. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself taking a ride in the mountains. She captioned it, “Happy humpday.” According to American Heart Association, horseback riding has many benefits. “Sitting straight, pushing your legs into your horse’s body ignites core muscles, which are imperative for balance and posture.”

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Stracke isn’t afraid to speak out about the causes she believes in. She posts many different causes on Instagram. Stracke posted this photo advertise a charity to help the oceans. As someone with a big platform, Stracke can tell others about certain causes and charities, and encourage them to help out. Moreover, our planet depends on our ocean, so it is very important to draw attention to them.


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