Tenants can easily get their deposit back


The state government has overhauled the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) system, to make it easier for tenants, such as those in North Melbourne, to collect their bond payments.

The $9 million upgrade to the online system will now allow tenants to pay money directly to the RTBA, rather than paying a rental provider or real estate agent.

The new update will simplify the bond payment process for tenants and give them the option to submit their money directly.

The online system will also be integrated with Service Victoria’s identity verification and process bond redemptions and bond loans.

Online user verification means they can change their bond details and claim their bonds without the need for paper forms and signatures.

Integration with the systems used by real estate agents will also facilitate the bonding process for these businesses, allowing for faster deposits, transfers and claims.

The new website and system will also be easier to access on mobile devices and offer more payment options, which will simplify the process of depositing, transferring or claiming a bond.

Reforms introduced in March 2021 mean that tenants can now apply directly to the RTBA to release all or part of their deposit without having to wait for the rental company or agent to submit their deposit application.

This means tenants can reclaim their deposit without their landlord’s consent and the RTBA alerts the landlord and other roommates of the tenant’s claim, giving them 14 days to dispute it.


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