The 11 Best Nail Drills To Help Bring Salon Results Home



Whether it’s taking time to take care of yourself or getting a glimpse of your decorated nails in the middle of a bad day, there is no pick-me-up like the perfect manicure, or the perfect pedicure. ‘elsewhere. For those looking to bring salon results to your home, incorporating nail drills, also known as electric nail files, into your manicuring process can help you mimic the precision and detail of a salon. While nail drills are definitely not for novices and users should proceed with large doses of skill and caution, they are powerful enough to remove acrylics and gels, reduce calluses, shape your nails, and cut. your cuticles. Be sure to pair the drill with the correct drill tip and select the correct speed setting.

It is practice makes perfect! If you’re ready to incorporate electric manicure files into your manicure routine, scroll forward to check out the best nail drills.


MelodySusie portable electric nail drill

Offering six bits and a reverse motion option, it doesn’t get better than this portable nail drill. One of almost fifty thousand reviews gives us the specifications: “Nice length of cord, sits well in the hand, minimal vibrations even at the fastest revs. It does not heat up in use and is very quiet. As a professional nail artist, I’m happy to add this to my list of favorite and recommended tools. ” Not only that, you can’t beat the price.


PureNails Luxe Rechargeable Manicure Set

This cordless rechargeable nail drill features three speed settings and a built-in bulb for the perfect manicure or pedicure. A reviewer confirms: “It is so easy to use and the accessories provided were all of high quality. The best and most complete portable manicure set I have ever seen. Has all the right tools you need for the perfect manicure and pedicure. It has a light so you can see what you are doing and has a very comfortable grip. “


Electric Nail File Machine for Makartt Nail Drill Machine

Marked as Amazon’s Choice, this full-configuration nail drill includes pedal speed control, five drill bits, and thirty sanding bands. One reviewer raves, “I am a licensed nail technician and love this drill as I only used it for a short time running it around my cuticle. ‘it doesn’t stall with pressure, even at low or medium speed! I love that it has variable speed and has forward and reverse! Especially for my own use to do my homework. toes and / or right hand! One last thing … I love that it fits all of my pieces! “


Portable professional nail drill

Let this reviewer give you an overview of this professional grade rechargeable nail drill: “The drill handpiece is slim but ergonomically comfortable for those who may have issues with dexterity or arthritis. It’s compact and portable and perfect for the DIY enthusiast or technician. The drill control box is thin and light; wireless and rechargeable; and equipped with a belt clip to allow freedom of movement. It has a rotation speed of up to 35,000 rpm allowing front and rear sanding! Still, it’s reasonably quiet, has low vibration, and excellent heat dissipation. “


4 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File

Softer than a traditional nail drill, this electric nail file was designed for precise grooming of nails and cuticles while eliminating the stinging sensation caused by traditional nail drills. One reviewer shares: “I needed a file that had different grain levels but was easy and convenient to use. This tool is very functional but fun and not complicated. Makes it easier to remove my gel polish and didn’t damage my nails in the process. “


Clio nail care sets

This smooth and elegant tool is a one-stop-shop with 5 interchangeable tools for precision shaping, cuticle pushing, polishing and smoothing. One reviewer shares: “I can use the gentle shaping tool to file my cuticles more safely than cutting them with a trimmer. I have used my older parents’ fingernails which have thickened and it m ‘helped a lot! “


Pro Power 520 Electric Filing System

An investment worth every penny, this powerful nail drill is loved by professionals and hobbyists alike. One reviewer exclaims, “I love the fast speed of this drill and have never had any issues with this drill. I have had my drill for over two years and love it: very light, the many bits you can buy to turn your drill into whatever you want your nails to look like. “


5-in-1 Electric Nail File Pedicure Manicure Set

Labeled Amazon’s Choice, this portable, wireless set has it all. This nail drill offers five tips and even a built-in UV light to set your polish.


Portable Professional Electric Nail Drill

One of 11,000 reviewers shares: “Really easy for beginners and the instructions that come with it are really helpful. I was able to use it on my feet without cutting myself which really got me excited. that it is not tied to a big bulky machine makes it so much easier to use and maneuver. The nail clipper makes it possible to cut false nails very easily, you adjust the cord settings to the speed or how slow you wish.


Portable nail drill

This professional grade drill hits all the right marks. One reviewer confirms: “Easy-to-read instructions. Easy to charge, change tips and use. Holds me well in my hands. Not too heavy. The bits that come with it work well and are of good quality. Does not heat up. Very silent. Easy to read display and easy to use settings.


Acrylic Nail Drills Professional Electric Nail File, RenoJ Portable Electric Nail Drill Efile Electric Nail File (Gray)

Comes with eleven drill bits and thirty sanding bands, this portable electric nail file is perfect for home or on the go. A 13,000-share reviewer, “I chose this without expecting anything mind-blowing with such a low price tag. But this little gadget is a lifeline. Very easy to use, clear instructions, and plenty of it. different exercises / accessories. If you wear gel nails, it is a must to remove your polish. Great for smoothing nail edges, polishing them etc. However, it comes with the power cord. has multiple speeds and endless uses. “

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