The 9 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2022


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Nobody likes when your dog’s nails are too long – not your floors, not your couch, and certainly not your dog. However, whether you’ve recently decided to adopt a new puppy or you’ve owned a dog for years, the thought of trimming your dog’s nails at home can be more than a little daunting. The last thing you want to do is hurt your furry friend in the process, which is why the best dog nail clippers are designed to help you trim your pup’s nails safely and efficiently, even if you’re not a trained groomer.

As Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ, of California Pet Acupuncture & Wellness (CPAW), Inc. women’s day, it’s completely safe for dog owners to trim their own pet’s nails, as long as you have the right tools and can keep your pup calm. “I always recommend using positive reinforcement with high-value treats and praise during the restraint process necessary to perform nail trimming,” he says. “You can also do step nail trims where you might only trim one paw at a time to minimize discomfort.” And of course, using one of these top dog nail clippers will also help you get the job done.

The best dog nail clippers to buy in 2022

Like dog strollers and dog sunscreen, dog nail clippers are one of those unexpected pet products that are well worth the investment, and they are the best. Read on for more information on the different types of dog nail clippers, as well as everything you need to know before trimming your dog’s nails.

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Professional nail clipper

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Nail clippers and nail clippers for dogs

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Guillotine nail clippers

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PawControl Dog Grinder and Nail Clippers

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Dog nail grinder with nail clipper and file

What to look for when buying dog nail clippers

✔️ Breed size: Almost all nail clippers and grinders offer a suggested size range (usually by weight), so make sure the nail clippers you buy are the right size for your dog. Clippers that are too small do not effectively cut the nail, and clippers that are too large may cause you to accidentally quickly cut your dog’s nail (i.e. the soft cuticle containing the blood vessel and nerves running through your dog’s nail).

✔️ Blade Type: You’ll find that nail clippers come with several different types of blades (including angled, clip, conical, guillotine, and rotary), but the type you select depends on your personal preference and experience. Guillotine-type blades are the hardest for beginners to handle, so it’s best to avoid them until you get some experience. And whatever type of blades you choose, make sure they are made from stainless steel so they stay sharp and cut with precision.

✔️ Security: If you are not an experienced dog groomer, you may want to look for a nail clipper with a safety guard. Many clippers come with a guard on the back to help prevent you from removing too much of the nail, but you should note that a quick stop is only a guide, not a way to prevent over-trimming.

✔️ Bonus features: In addition to a safety guard, useful features you might want to look for in a pair of clippers include a built-in LED light (allowing you to better see the bloodline in the nails while you’re cutting) and a file retractable to help polish your work. And of course, quieter tools are always better, especially if you have a nervous pet.

  • How often should a dog’s claws be trimmed? According to Mahaney, how often you should trim your dog’s nails depends on how fast the nails grow, how much abrasion the nails receive, and your personal preference. “For dogs that spend more time walking and standing on abrasive surfaces like pavement, nail clipping is usually needed less frequently than dogs whose nails never touch abrasive surfaces,” adds- he.
  • How to calm a dog before cutting his claws? Trimming nails can be stressful for you and your pet, but keeping your pup calm is key to avoiding over-trimming. “Generally, tired dogs are better-behaved dogs,” Mahaney says. “So get plenty of exercise with your dog in the 24-48 hours before a nail trim so he’s calmer and more cooperative with the procedure.” And if you have a particularly aggressive or uncooperative dog, Mahaney suggests talking to your vet about using pain-relieving or sedating medications to provide a better experience.
  • Can you use a human or cat nail clipper on a dog? Although you can technically use human clippers on smaller dogs, it’s not the safest choice, as the cutting pressure is different than with scissor or guillotine types, and can cause the dog to split. ‘nail. However, cat nail clippers are safe to use on both dogs and cats, as long as your dog is one of the smaller breeds.

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