This off-grid little house on wheels opens up to the outside world



When you think of a tiny house on wheels, you usually associate it with off-grid living that allows you to move anywhere and anytime while still enjoying the comforts of home. The Polish company Redukt manufactures mini-houses that meet the needs of its customers and provide all the necessities that one would need in the event of a disconnection from the grid.

In addition, the company also tries to make them as durable as possible by using natural and organic materials for the construction process, insulation and finishes.

All in all, Redukt wants to bring nature to homeowners in a compact little house on wheels. Work on his latest project, individual design number 3, began in mid-2021. The design focused on building the perfect home for a family of four.

Since the company shares the same vision with the family on the environment, this house was built with organic materials. To insulate the structure, Redukt put sheep’s wool on the walls. Wool is not only great for keeping warmth inside during the cold season, but it also absorbs moisture from the air.

For the exterior cladding, the Redukt team chose to use oiled pine wood because it is durable and weather resistant. In addition, the house has a sloping roof that features galvanized sheets.

The house is 7.2 meters long and 2.3 meters wide. The structure is based on a twin axle trailer, and it has plenty of space for a loft, kitchen, workspace, fully functional bathroom and sleeping area.

To give the impression of even more space, it has two large glass doors on each side, giving the impression that the interior merges with the exterior. This feature gives the whole house a feeling of openness.

In addition to the doors, multiple windows surround the small house, bathing the interior in natural light. Once inside, you are greeted by the kitchen area. There you will find a sink, a two-burner stove, a worktop and cupboards where you can store kitchen utensils.

Next to it is the bathroom which includes a sink, a tub with a shower and a composting toilet. At the other end of the house is a bedroom specially designed for children and easily accessible. The adults will sleep in the loft, and they will have to climb the wooden stairs to get there.

The stairs can be folded to provide more space and limit access whenever needed. In addition, this system makes it safer for children, as there is no risk of them falling when trying to get to the attic. Upstairs, adults have a full-size bedroom and a table that can be converted into a workstation.

The house has been configured to allow off-grid living. Electricity comes from solar panels and a gas installation is available. A wood stove keeps the interior warm.

The house is filled with shelves and storage space. The whole design is minimalist, and it can feel quite empty because at the time the photos were taken there was no furniture. However, the company says guests will also find a sofa and table at “zero level” once everything is set up to family taste.

There is no company quoted price for individual design no. 3. This is because everyone has slightly different setup and equipment, and costs may vary. However, Redukt says that usually prices for most of his homes range between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000, or about $ 45,000 to $ 56,000.



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