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Australian model and entrepreneur Tina Louise is making a name for herself separately from her ex, sell sunset actor Brett Oppenheim. She books more jobs as a tattooed model than ever before; she is the co-owner of two vegan Sugar Taco restaurants in Los Angeles, and she is working on a tequila drink and a new restaurants in Long Beach, California. She just posted this instagram pic of herself in a bikini with the caption “calm and beautiful 🌬.Read on to see how Tina Louise stay in shape and the photos that prove they work. And to prepare yourself for the beach, do not miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Louise, originally from Australia, moved to Los Angeles, where she transitioned to an all-vegan lifestyle, according to its official website. She also became an activist to fight animal abuse in the meat and dairy industry. And she became an investor in Sugar Taco in 2018 to save the world one taco at a time.

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Louise trains regularly and has been seen doing bodybuilding and other exercises at a gym in Los Angeles. Her too showed great form working out with resistance bands and dumbbells in a video.

Louise takes creatine to optimize her workouts. “It doesn’t matter what your goals are – to improve strength and power, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, or simply get better at the physical activities you enjoy – #creatine will give you the opportunity to train harder and give you the energy to help you achieve them!” she posted on Instagram. Creatine is especially useful for people who follow an all-vegetable diet. It can help athletes train with muscle strength, size and performance, injury prevention, cognition and brain health and bone health, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Louise goes hiking every time she travels, as in this instagram pic from Costa Rica. “Whenever I go on vacation, I ALWAYS pack my @1stphorm gym equipment,” she posted. “Hiking is probably my most favorite thing to do, not only for fitness, but I also love exploring. 🤜🏼

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When she’s not working, Louise hangs out with her dogs, Gunther and El Chapo. Owning a dog makes a person more physically active, reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness, calms nerves, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate, according to Harvard University TH Chan School of Public Health.


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