Top 6 Nail Tips for Dipping Powder


When doing a powder manicure at home, DIY tips are a great way to add length and shape — but if you use the wrong kind, they can be more hassle than they’re worth. The best nail tips for dipping powder are the best nail tips for any manicure type: they will be durable and long lasting, they will come in different sizes to fit every finger, and they will be the right length, shape and color for your needs and style.

While “acrylic nails” is the common phrase used to refer to fake nail tips, most top-selling brands on Amazon are now made from ABS plastic, which is both strong and lightweight and can be cut and filed as required. That said, the boards themselves are only half of the equation; good nail glue is needed to achieve a long-lasting manicure, and most tip kits don’t contain it. So, be sure to double-check what’s included, and grab a bottle of nail glue if needed (to make this easier, I’ve included a tried-and-true glue at the bottom of this list).

All nail tips below have at least 1,000 five-star ratings from reviewers who found them sturdy and easy to apply, not to mention a huge money saver at the salon. However, the shapes, colors and lengths differ, so you can find a set that will give you the style of nails you want at home.

(A note on length when using a particular dipping powder kit: longer tips may not allow you to completely dip your nail into the powder pot. If you like your nails particularly long, you may consider putting some powder in the lid and pouring it onto your fingernail while your finger is positioned above the jar.)

1. Best Nail Tips for Dipping Powder

With over 25,000 reviews and an overall 4.5 star rating, these nail tips are easily one of the most popular options on Amazon. They’re made from a plastic tough enough to last up to four weeks, but can be cut and filed. They’re also designed to adhere well to polish, including powder, and they’re available in all colors and shapes (coffin, square, and stiletto) so you can achieve the look you want. Whichever shape you choose, you get 10 different sizes for different fingers in a clear storage case, all for less than $10.

  • Includes: 500 bits (in 10 different sizes), transparent case
  • Available shapes/colors: long/clear coffin, long/natural coffin, short/clear coffin, short/natural coffin, stiletto/clear, stiletto/natural, square/clear

A reviewer wrote: “They are the best!!! Such an amazing purchase. I am super happy to have them. They fit really well and they are super durable. I use them with dipping powder and they work great. I will buy again!”

2. Best nail tips on a budget

For about the price of a coffee, you get 500 fake coffin nails in a clear case. They can still be cut and filed – plus, despite the affordable price, reviewers report that they hold color well with no streaks, separations or chipping. (The biggest complaint is that they’re thinner than some other brands, which may be a plus for some, but if you’re looking for chunky tips, skip this one.)

  • Includes: 500 bits (in 10 different sizes), transparent case
  • Available shapes/colors: coffin/clear, coffin/colored, coffin/white, coffin/natural, coffin/clear and natural

A reviewer wrote: “It was really easy to apply! Got a tip or two in awkward form, but for the price I can’t complain! I like to reduce tips because I work a lot with my hands. […] As a beginner doing my own powder nails, these have served me well!”

3. The best short and square tips for French manicures

Maybe you prefer your nails short, or maybe you go for that classic French manicure look. Anyway, these shorter tips help you lengthen your nails a bit without have to lose during the cutting process. The durable material is designed to last up to three weeks, and although it only covers half your actual nail, it holds color well and looks natural when painted on. Last but not least, this set comes with a storage case and nail glue.

  • Includes: 100 tips (in 10 different sizes), clear case, nail glue
  • Available shapes/colors: square/transparent, square/transparent and natural, square/transparent and natural with white flowers, square/transparent with glue, square/natural, square/white, round/transparent with handle

A reviewer wrote: “I love them! I use them for all my manicures now! I never have to shape them or worry about the length of my nails. They are super durable and when I use them with my dipping powder, they didn’t break like other full cover tips I’ve used.I’ve had them for over a week no problem.

4. The best round tips (oval and almond)

Technically, you can file the edges of any tip, but if you’re looking for pre-rounded nails, these oval tips make the whole process so much easier. Since they are made from high quality plastic, they are strong and easy to apply, clip and file. The brand also makes almond shapes, as well as stilettos, squares, and coffins (though these don’t get as many reviews as others).

  • Includes: 500 bits (in 10 different sizes), transparent case
  • Available shapes/colors: Oval/Clear, Oval/Natural, Almond/Clear, Almond/Natural, Stiletto/Clear, Stiletto/Natural, Square/Clear, Square/Natural, Coffin/Clear, Coffin/Natural, Long Square/Clear, long square/natural, rounded square/transparent, semi-rounded square/transparent

A reviewer wrote: “Strong and solid. I use them with my dipping powders and they hold up really well, sometimes lasting over 3 weeks! I will buy again, but such a large supply will keep me going for a while.

5. An affordable all-in-one fake advice kit

If you’re new to the process of DIY acrylic nails, you probably need more than fake tips. That’s where this all-in-one false nail kit comes in. Yes, you get 500 tips in 10 different sizes and in a storage case, but you also get a file and four bottles of nail glue. Since the tips themselves are made of plastic, they are durable and customizable. And the supplied fast bonding glue is designed to last up to 30 days.

  • Includes: 500 tips (in 10 different sizes), clear case, nail file, 4 bottles of nail glue
  • Available shapes/colors: coffin/transparent with file and glue, coffin/natural with file and glue, long ballerina/transparent with file and glue, long ballerina/natural with file and glue, square/transparent with file and glue, square/natural with file and glue

A reviewer wrote“It was my first time putting on tricks and making dipping powder by myself. It’s been TWO WEEKS and my advice is still perfect! Incredible durability and sturdiness. I used the glue that came with it! I really recommend it for beginners!”

6. This fan-favorite set with a UV light

The tips themselves are made from tough, durable plastic that can be cut and filed, but the real selling point of this Beetles nail tip kit is the gel glue that cures using UV light included. The brand claims that your nails will then last 21 days or more – and according to several reviewers, this claim is accurate. In addition to the tips, glue and UV lamp, you also get a file and a trimmer. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, it’s also a clear winner with shoppers.

  • Includes: 240 tips (in 10 different sizes), gel glue, mini UV nail lamp, nail clippers, file
  • Available shapes/colors: coffin/clear with glue, lamp, clipper and file

A reviewer wrote: “I am a professional Nail Tech and I use these on myself and my clients. Mine always last 2-3 weeks sometimes 4 just depending on the amount of water exposure. I have to adapt it a bit to my style as I personally prefer the almond, but most of my clients love the coffin. Highly recommend!”

Also great: this best-selling false nail glue.

If you don’t have nail glue for your tips yet or can just use a new bottle, this NYK1 Nailbond adhesive has earned over 35,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars. No wonder it’s a bestseller on Amazon. The formula is water resistant and the precision applicator automatically fills the nail to create what one reviewer called the “strongest grip” they have “ever used”. Several buyers report that their nails lasted a few weeks. In addition, this glue can be used with all kinds of tips.

A reviewer wrote: “I [did] my nails as usual with dipping powder. My nails are on 16 days! Compared to other nail glues, this is by far the best. Worth it, you won’t regret buying this nail glue.


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