Valley doctor offering state-of-the-art skin treatment using lasers



FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Christa Smith prepares her face for a treatment she has never needed before.

But hours and hours spent under layers and layers of PPE took their toll on her once smooth skin.

“I started noticing these painful bumps,” she said. “I just had bumps all over my face and never really had acne before.”

The Kingsburg nursing student became a registered nurse in the spring of 2020, so all she knows professionally is the pandemic.

At the hospital where she works, she continues to wear an N95 mask, surgical mask overhead and face shield for 12-hour shifts, keeping COVID on the outside but bacteria on the inside.

Her “maskne” erupted just as she’s about to have all eyes on her as a bride.

Christa tried almost every cosmetic and over-the-counter remedy on the shelves, but nothing worked until she found Dr. Uma Rao at Modern Aesthetics in Northwest Fresno.

Dr Rao invested in the Stellar M22. His video provided by creator, Lumenis, illustrates the cutting edge machine that can work as intense pulsed light therapy or skin resurfacing laser.

It’s a one-stop-shop for patients like Christa, whose complexion correction is no longer limited to the skin.

“It kills it at its source and it’s very fast, so there is a lot of satisfaction for the patients because they are going to see results fast and often very surprising and pleasurable,” said Dr Rao.

The M22 is equipped with four technologies for skin rejuvenation, tackling some of the most common but challenging conditions including texture, pigmentation, vascularity like leg veins, acne and even hair removal. .

“The machine literally puts different treatments in the hands of the doctor. Dr. Rao simply changes handpieces to treat different skin conditions with a variety of filters.”

“It can treat up to 30 different skin conditions,” she said.

Dr. Rao begins Christa’s treatment by applying a gel so that the wand can glide over her skin, delivering powerful but tolerable pulses of energy. Everyone in the room should wear heavy-duty protective eyewear to protect the eyes from the intense light.

Christa will need four to six treatments to remove what wearing the mask has left behind.

The cost is typically $ 250 to $ 350 per session, but Dr Rao says there are packages offered to keep the cost down overall.

Christa already notices a difference.

“I notice less inflammation, I notice that the blackheads go away and the big painful acne does not ignite as much,” she said.

Now, she is more than ready to enjoy the results as she can’t wait to be a flawless, blushing bride.

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