Venture Derma Puritys by Lalita Arya offers laser hair removal services at affordable prices



The Covid-19 pandemic has forced men and women to abandon salons and find alternatives to personal hygiene within the confines of their homes. Women’s monthly salon visits are now occasional, with most being rushed during wedding season. They resorted to razors to get rid of unwanted hair.

Although shaving is a quick and easily accessible method of hair removal, it is not recommended by experts. This is because the hairs grow faster and thicker when you use razors on your skin. And going to salons for a hair removal session every month is a risky business during the pandemic. And hence, laser hair removal is the best alternative to waxing and shaving today. Derma Puritys Clinic offers laser hair removal services in Delhi at affordable price. It stands out from other clinics by the quality of the service offered by its team of experts.

Why choose laser hair removal from Derma Puritys?

Derma Puritys Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal involves combining three different laser wavelengths in a single applicator that targets a wide range of hair colors and types, including fine hair and light colored hair, and can even treat encrusted hair. It is a painless procedure to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time and saves you from having to epilate and shave frequently.

You can easily get rid of unwanted hair on your legs, arms, armpits, face, chest or back by simply making an appointment by clicking here.

Services provided by Derma Puritys clinic in Delhi:

Other services provided by Derma Puritys include Botox and Fillers, Facial PRP, Mesotherapy, Permanent Makeup, Hair PRP, Hair Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-Aging Treatments, Reshaping and Body Firming & Cellulite Reduction (Coolsculpting and Med Contour), 4D ClearLift, Derma Roller, HIFU, Laser & Skin Brightening Treatment, Wedding Packages, etc. The clinic is located in Grand Kailash-1, New Delhi and offers first class services on a budget. Ms. Lalita Arya, Vice President of Derma Puritys, ensures that the appropriate Covid-19 protocols are followed to ensure customer safety. Experts recommend treatment based on the skin and the needs of the client.

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