Worcester Warriors: Owners response to recent developments


WORCESTER Warriors co-owner Colin Goldring has conceded they would place the rugby club into administration if it was “in the best interests of creditors and the club”.

Rumors circulated on Friday morning that administrators had been appointed at the club, but this has not been confirmed.

It comes after Worcester MP Robin Walker encouraged the government and DCMS to place Worcester in administration on Thursday night when addressing the House of Commons during a parliamentary debate.

“We’re not in administration, but we’re considering all options and have plans in place if buyers don’t show up,” Goldring told Worcester News.

“We would still prefer to make a full exit. We’ve been asked to stay and complete the work we’ve started on development work and hand over management of the club and stadium.

“We are ready to sell the whole group and leave completely, we always have been. Likewise, we are ready to put the club into administration if it is in the best interest of the creditors and the club.

“It protects us from putting the club into administration, but we are concerned about the consequences and would prefer an outright sale if it guarantees the survival of the club and does not risk losing p’s share.”

Despite reports that legal advisers were today recruited by firm Begbies Traynor – appointed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – to review the club’s accounts, Mr Goldring denied the claim.

“We have always worked with DCMS and their advisers, there are no new advisers,” Goldring added.

“But we continue to work with the same people to ensure that we have properly considered all options and what is in the best interests of creditors and the club.”

During Thursday’s parliamentary debate, Walker also expressed his “personal revulsion” at the Warriors’ current owners after they claimed they had failed to repay a £500,000 loan to Cecil Duckworth’s family.

Goldring admits the loan has not been repaid.

“The loan was not repaid, it was offset as agreed with Cecil against player sponsorships,” he said.

“We are happy to discuss balance payments with Beatrice on behalf of Cecil’s estate.

“Robin Walker’s statement is not correct – in particular that all money was paid to Alan Solomons (former Worcester Warriors Director of Rugby). Cecil’s loan went to the club to pay players’ salaries, it was before the lockdown.

“Alan’s only involvement was agreeing with Cecil which players he would sponsor to allow the club to retain those key players, which Cecil was very keen on. Cecil sponsored a handful of players both before and during our period. of property.

“None of the asset stripping rumors are true, the stripping of the ground from the club was done when we bought it or before – we inherited that structure. We used those assets to pay salaries and run the club as long as we can.”


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